What is wedding branding?

While most wedding stationery designers offer design services for a wedding suite, Lavender & Love goes a step further and also offers wedding branding to couples.

Wedding branding is the practice of having a unified look across all materials for your wedding day. This is done through, colors, fonts, patterns, textures and so on. The idea of wedding branding is something that has become more and more popular this year within the wedding industry. More and more couples are becoming aware of the visual aspects of their day and have realized the importance of creating a cohesive look.

In the end you will have a complete cohesive day of vision that you will be able to use to further design your day. You can share your
brand board with your florist, photographer, bridesmaids, groomsmen and anyone else you feel would benefit from it!

The wedding Branding package includes

Color Palette • Primary Logo • Secondary Logo • Monogram • 2 Fonts •  Final Brand Board

Branding Package : $350